Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, Roche is a leader in healthcare, where it operates in the pharmaceutical and diagnostic sectors with a strong focus on research.

Roche is the world’s largest biotechnology company, with innovative drugs in the areas of oncology, virology, inflammatory diseases and the central nervous system. It is a world leader in in vitro diagnostics and histological cancer diagnostics and is at the forefront of diabetes management. Providing drugs and diagnostic tools that enable tangible improvements in patient health, quality of life and survival is Roche’s strategy in Personalised Medicine. Roche employs more than 80,000 people worldwide and in 2011 invested more than 8 billion Swiss francs in research and development, recording sales of 42.5 billion Swiss francs.

The Group has been present in Italy since 1897 and is today active with its two areas of expertise, pharmaceuticals, represented by Roche S.p.A., and diagnostics, represented by Roche Diagnostics S.p.A.

Roche S.p.A. manufactures and markets pharmaceuticals and is the leading company in Italy in the hospital and oncology sectors, with an important presence in virology and rheumatology. Between the headquarters in Monza and the production facility in Segrate (Milan), Roche S.p.A. employs around 1,000 people and in 2011 had a turnover of € 1,017 million.

Roche Diagnostics S.p.A.Is a leader in in vitro diagnostics, with a unique product portfolio. With around 600 employees and agents it provides a wide range of innovative products and services for researchers, doctors, patients, hospitals and laboratories. In 2011, it recorded a turnover of EUR 441 million, with an overall growth of +0.3% compared to 2010.

Innovation is our answer to the continuous challenges of healthcare. We work every day to save patients’ lives and help millions of people around the world. We focus our research and development efforts on discovering new drugs and diagnostic technologies that address unmet medical needs.

Thanks to major advances in research and the synergy between diagnosis and therapy, we are pioneering the development of diagnostic tests and drugs tailored to the genetic characteristics of patient groups.

Roche S.p.A.

Dr. Maurizio de Cicco
Managing Director

Registered Office 
Via G.B. Stucchi 110
20900 – Monza
tel: +39 – 039 2471


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