Cdweb is a historic SEO agency in Milan active since 2002 and specialized in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
In the current context, where the necessary investments for effective online visibility continue to grow, it becomes fundamental to rely on real professionals in the sector who really know how to plan the ideal web marketing strategy to achieve the set business goals – such as increased sales and of lead generation – without ever losing focus on ROI.
Over the years Cdweb has worked with more than 300 companies of different sizes and sectors, a condition that has allowed it to confront itself with different realities, experiment and acquire the essential versatility to develop winning web marketing strategies.
The Cdweb team of professionals is characterized by the innovative Search Marketing Design approach, a method which – once the objectives have been analyzed and the ideal customer’s Buyer Personas identified – combines the following activities:

  • SEO / SEM strategies for Enterprise sites or website’s network
  • Research strategies for very differentiated targets
  • Campaigns supporting complex and articulated offerings
  • International research strategies differentiated by country, language and search engine
Pietro Marilli Ansprechpartner Cdweb tel: +39 02 94750637 @ W